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Hi everyone,

I've had my chameleon for about a week now and he's slowly settling in. The only thing i seem to be having an issue with is keeping the humidity up in the vivarium. I spray the tank once or twice a day which increases the humidity and my chameleon seems to be more active when this happens. However, when the tank dries out the humidity drops again. Anyway, i've come to the conclusion from this site that i'd be better off putting a live plant in the vivarium to maintain humidity.

What's the easiest/best plant to use and to get hold of? i don't want to complicate matters by having to maintain a plant as well as keeping a close eye on my little man. And do i need to repot the plant in non fertilised soil etc? What else do i need to know about introducing a live plant into his environment?

Your advice would be a great help :)

thanks you
yh try weeping fig or ficus as it may be labbeled. The humidity doesnt have to be high all the time. I have mine go upto 70% twice a day when I spray and it drops to 30 for the rest of the day. it is important for the cage to dry out fully between mistings.
B&Q sell Schefflera (Umbrella plant), Ficus (Weeping Fig) and Pothos (Devil's Ivy) In various sizes. Also when Lidl have houseplants in the weekly offer they have schefflera and ficus in there too. Just wash the leaves with warm soapy water and rinse well to remove any pesticide residues. Some people re-pot them using organic sil, but I just cover the soil with large stones (sold in a net bag in Morrisons in the home section, washed well first too) to prevent the chams from eating the soil.
thanks everyone for your help, im going to be taking a trip to my local garden centre or b&q tomorrow to get my little guy a new plant...hope he likes it
i saw the umbrella plant in mine today but it didnt say if was the right one so i opted for the ficus weeping fig.
also i saw a madagascan dragon plant if thats how you spell it.does any1 nos if there safe?
tried the chunk on the fig tonight seemed to love it kept kissing it
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