Best Feeders for Baby Veileds


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Whats a good recommendation for newborn, veileds. Im talking to people who has hatched them out. Flies seem too small they are 5 days old and rather large, they can knock back 1/8" crickets, just looking for a good mix of feeders, are baby horns or silks small enough? What about butterworms? I have fed horns and silks to adults but never tried to order them for babies. I got a little exra money so im looking to treat my babies to a mixed diet other than Crickets and dubias. What have you had the best results with.
Young silks are perfect size for a small veiled. I have been feeding my 3 month old nosy be baby silkworms as well as crickets.
I always go by the nothing wider then their head I always start with 1/8" and typically I move up to 1/4 n the next order.
The first few weeks I only use HD fruit flies and pinheads. Then I added house flies and baby dubia. I did not feed worms until I separated them to individual spaces for fear of them seeing eachothers tails and thinking they were worms and I was successful with having no nipped tails.
When my chameleons are small I like to use baby lobster roaches, hydei fruitflies, and baby mealworms and baby crickets. Any baby feeder small enough is fine though. Baby silkworms would be excellent.
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so if you know best, why bother to ask the forum!!

If you read the post you would know i already was feeding FF and baby crickets. Re Read it and you will understand. Thats why i said only newborns
my Baby chameleons typically eat fruit flies, pinhead crickets, and week old silkworms. Small feeders are better initially than overly large feeders, even if they can eat slightly larger ones. After they are about a month old, I add very small terrestrial isopods (captive bred), tiny mealworms, tiny superworms, small cabbage looppers, very small stick insects. I continue to offer fruit flies, and the crickets are now a week old as well as pinheads. the size of the crickets, silkworms and superworms offered slowly is increased as the weeks pass. Fruit flies continue to be offered, in decreasing quantity as the quantity of other feeders increases, until the fourth or fifth month (essentially until they wont take them anymore). Until the chameleons are six months old they dont get anything full size, and even at this point I prefer 4 week crickets rather than adult crickets.
Hey, i have a four week old baby veiled
I currently am feeding him small pinhead crickets dusted with Repashy Calcium plus. I feed my crickets on apples, flukers orange cubes, calcium fortified cricket drink, and soon ill be trying bug burger. Ive been searching what feeder choices are smart for baby veileds to vary his diet and so i ordered a cup of small pheonix worms (about half the size of a penny) as well as micro superworms. Will these be good for my cham until i can add hornworms, silkies, and dubias? And if any changes should be made in supplementing the feeders verses the daily dusting of crickets let me know. Thanks everyone!:)
Young silks are perfect size for a small veiled. I have been feeding my 3 month old nosy be baby silkworms as well as crickets.

thats fine for one on its own but i never feed babies little silkworms or any worms or they start thinkin there brother an sisters tails look like worms..
fruit flies an 1 week old crickets , there favorite is baby mantids

durr just noticed this is old
Flies too small? I feed them fruit flies into the second month. Then I switch to pinheads and mini meal worms sometimes bigger meal worms diced in half. You cant expect to feed them with one bug. They need the exercise that comes with hunting several bite size bugs. Just my thoughts on it.
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