Best deal on reptisun 5.0

LLL usually. Sometimes Pangea reptile will have a sale. Pet mountain is pretty low too.
I like this board - so here is some inside info for you... ALL websites are in the process of raising their prices on Zoo Med Repti Sun and Powersun Bulbs. Every single one. Including Amazon and Ebay sellers. It will happen. My advice - STOCK UP. This will happen in the next few weeks at most.

That being said - we have to comply immediately, so our prices are already at the new level ($19.99 for repti sun 5.0 bulbs).

Since I am passing this info on - go ahead, find the best deal online right now, and then order them from US at LLLReptile. Just put the website and the price in the "comments" box during check out, and it will be matched for you.

Same goes for Powersuns, CFL's, etc by Zoo Med. If you use them, go find the best deal you can, from any legit online business, and order them from us :) No sales pitch - just the facts...

BTW - cute little CBB 3 month old oustalets in stock now from a local So Cal breeder. Very nice!

Scott - LLLReptile & Supply
first off, thank you LLL for the update, i am in no way trying to short LLL out of business, but because of the increase in price. i think it would be benificial for ChamOh to take advantage of the 20% Pangea is still offering. That is if he wants to go the order route. I live in southern canada right across from michigan, so i deal and order with Pangea located in Grand Rapids MI, seeing as i can pick this stuff up right over the boarder
Whoop! I'm a cheapy so this is great information! After my stock runs out, I might have to alternate between brands.
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