Best baby pan cham plant?

Hibiscus or Pothos both worked for me....Home Depot or most any garden store has them, they are very common
i just picked up (today) a 7'' pot pothos from homedepot 7.95$
in jan 1 gal pot weeping fig "ficus benjamina" with 4 plants in it like 15$
and a 1 gal pot umbrella plant " schefflera arboricola" with 3 plants in it for like 18$
got home and put them all in thier own pot.
they worked great in my lil cage, now i have to wait for them to grow a few feet for my big cage. but untill then i am using sif size buckets to tear them.
i would reather wait the time for them to grow than spend 60-70$ each for ones that are the right size for my cage.
i will be posting pics with the plants in my finished cage in a few days. i hate this waiting for the fumes to be gone.

gl on your guy
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