Bendable casque?


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Does anyone have any experience with a cham that has had a bendable casque? i am a little confused as to what to look out for, mine is a bit squishy in the center part but i dont know what a bendable casque actually feels like or looks like.
Shes a veiled btw
It should give a little bit with gentle pressure, but if it's easy to move a lot there's a problem. Could you post pictures of her casque normally and explain how it moves (maybe with arrows or something?)
A casque should NOT be bendable… The sides will have some squish as it’s a fat storage area but I would not recommend holding your chameleon and trying to bend its head… Google a veiled skeleton picture.
yes im trying to figure out if my cham has mbd, her casque is straight and i can move it but her entire head moves too, strangely she doesnt seem to mind. ill post a picture soon.
You should fill out the how to ask for help form. There may be something wrong with your husbandry.
here is a photo, the brown central line (dont know what its called) is movable, but not like bending a stick movable, it just feels like loose skin.

Also i just wanted to know what to watch out for if a chameleon's casque is bendable because thats whats confusing me, how bendable is bad.


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yes i do, she never gets in it though, ive looked for symptoms of egg laying but she doesnt seem to have them. thats a longer story though.
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