Okay, My Buddy is an Enviromental Bio/Botany major. He loves coming over and helping me out in my cham room since it is practically a jungle with all the plant filled cages lining the walls. We were enjoying some brews and he mentioned to me that occasionally pouring some beer into the roots of the plant is really good for the plant. I said "Pouring beer out!?!?! That is Alchohol Abuse!", but he said it really helps the roots of the plants. So I poured in the warm remnants of a wounded soldier into the plants in the spare cage I have setup. Later that day I noticed that the room had the slight scent of Beer. Being the OCD paranoid Cham Keeper I am, I decided that I was not going to pour any more out "for the homies" in the plants in case the smell of the booze was bad for the Chams...Any thoughts?

from what i've heard, hops are not good for chameleons, at all, but i have heard of beer being used in plants and lawns and i don't know what it is other than the broken down organic matter and gases that would be beneficial


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Direct alcohol on plants has never resulted in successful outcome for either beer...dead plant...oh the sorrow!

You can use a can of beer (which helps the thatch compost faster into better soil), a cup children's shampoo (to break water surface tension and wash away dust), half a cup of molasses (more sugars) dissolved in half a cup of warm water (so it isn't thick), and top off with household ammonia (for nitrogen).

You can do that every 3wks with good results...I know my neighbor does this and of course his lawn looks great...ah the time I don't have...I NEED!
I don't mind re-using the beer once I have processed it once (Guzzle guzzle:p). But I have always thought of the processed beer to be a weed killer rather than a fertilizer...LOL:D

Dunno bout that one. I don't think the beer smell would be bad for your chams, but I would assume the stench from rotting beer in the plants would be pretty intense after awhile.


Surpisingly the smell of old stale beer had something soothing about it...took me back to the old days. Come in the room and it smells like the Chams had a Kegger the night before. ahhh...the memories.

Nobody has any info as to why beer might be beneficial to use on plants?? I been asking around and apparently this is a common practice.
I don't know about putting beer drinking plants with your chams, but long term beer isn't actually as good for plants as once thought, at least according to everything I just found on the subject. I'm not sure why though, because I've revived some thought-to-be-dead plants with some beer before. But I didn't try feeding them beer more than the one time. I know alcohol dehydrates, so I can't imagine it would be good to include on a regular basis.
I garden organically. In my opinion, Beer is better consumed than applied to your plants. "used" beer, diluted and in moderation, is good for your plants (full strength its a great compost booster)
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