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Regrettably, I have to let this guy go.

A stunning male ambilobe x ambanja cross. At just about 12 months of age, he still has some coloring up to do and he's constantly growing more and more colorful -- just recently starting to display some vivid, hot yellows!

Very healthy. A great eater who readily takes dubia, crickets, and all kinds of worms.

I prefer local, but will ship properly for a forum member.

Check out the pics. 2 of him resting, 1 of semi-fired up, and one sleeping. The semi-fired pics is the most recent of the bunch. The others are a few months old.

$300 + shipping.

PM me to discuss. Thanks.


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Thanks to all those who were interested in this guy. Fortunately for me, a new situation presented itself where I am able to keep my animals for at lest the near future. I sincerely apologize to those forum members who took the time to really consider purchasing this guy that I must now say he is off the market; I truly thought my only option was to sell. I know you fellow lizard-lovers can understand!
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