Bearded Pygmy Chameleon Food


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Was wondering if my new Bearded Pygmy Chameleons (about 1in snout/vent) would be able to eat freshly hatched Lateralis (1/8 in.) or freshly born Dubias. Right now I am using fruit flies with them but want to get away from those since my new dart frogs need them.
How many fruit flies should you feed your pyg a day? Just curious as I moved to them instead of crickets because the crickets were too hard to manage as I couldn't get a hold of pinheads very often. Any advice? I put a dozen in today and they are so small I can't tell if he has eaten them or not. But not sure how many he really needs, I used to feed him a dozen crickets every other day but the flies are obviously smaller. Any ideas? Thanks!
yea, they are tiny new born dubias and the chams were prolly almost 2"

Just reread your OP, yours are only 1", i bet they're cute, lol
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