Bearded dragons.?

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  1. mychamtini112012

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    I think I might want one this summer. I'll be upgrading my fish tank this summer so ill have a nice empty forty five gallon tank. Is this big enough.? Can you guys tell me everything you know about them.? How to care for them, enclosure, lights, food, EVERYTHING you know that'll help me decide. :)
  2. Dantarius

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    I was looking into getting a beardie myself this past 6 months too. I personally had a 20 gallon long tank and I thought I could house it comfortably. I went to a local reptiles store and asked them questions about the beardies. The apparently recommended (as well as many other online sources) having at least a 40 gallon tank to house one comfortably. They also grow amazingly fast, going from 4-5 inches as hatchlings/ juveniles to full adult size in about 6 months. That was a growth that was a little to fast for me, and partially why I am in the works of looking into veileds myself.
    As juveniles, they require a more protein based diet, with some small introductions to greens. As they age, the require less and less proteins and more greens till close to about a 40-60 greens to protein ratio. So start with more gut loaded insects (such as crickets and mealworms) then as they become more adults, less insects and slightly more greens. some nutrient supplementation is also recommended
    Beardies also require high basking temperature and a temperature gradient ( like most other reptiles). Beardies also require UVB lighting. These are just the general informations. I suggest looking at care sheet online for specifics, and it's a good idea to talk to some beardie breeders or reptile-based stores if possible. They are pretty hardy herps compared to other reptiles out there.

    Hope that helps!
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    You should try bouncing around to all the individual animal fora to get a better grasp.

    There are individualized fora like this for all sorts of animals.
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    My friend keeps beardies, as long as the tank is about 3-4 long and at least 2 ft tall it should be fine.
  5. mychamtini112012

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    I found the forums. Thank you! :)

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