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I was wondering how many members from this forum are Bay Area residents?
Also, where do you find large plants with no insecticides on them, in the area?
You don' have to wash the plant with soapy water. Don't trust them even if they say nothing is sprayed on it. Still wash it.
I actually live in Berkeley, and there is this amazing store not to far (about 5 min) from where I live. Its call East Bay Vivarium, and they have a countless number of things for my Veiled Cham. ( :
I know the East Bay Vivaruim. I got my last bulb from them. I had no time to stay and look around though. Do they sell plants? You live near there? I'm looking to move there, and possibly work at EBV. I would love to do the feedings. My experise used to be in deasert lizards. I still love the "push ups" they do and will probably get a desert spiney or two just for that fun. Hope to hear from you more.
Take care.

Now... thank you for the washing tip. Did you replace the soil as well? Thank you.
Hi Gonzalez,
The Bay Area is the San Francisco Bay and all the suburbs surrounding it. Like Berkeley, Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek <-----where I live, Oakland, etc
My section is known as East Bay..... close to the East Bay Vivarium, Lovebite mentioned. It is the biggest reptile store in all of California. The guy who owns it is a really nice guy. He helped me in the biggest way the other day when I was there. It's a good place to get the things you need for all types of reptiles.
well i just got my plants at the local home depot and i washed out all the soil and replaced all the soil. i guess if you get a plants with less leaves, then they will be easier to clean. i got a sheflera and that was a huge pain to clean. i ended up leaving it outside for a long enough time to remove the residue.
I was just at this Berkeley Reptile store 2 weeks ago and they had the most awesome full grown adult Ambilobe Panthers selling for only $349.00 and yes, they were all exceptionally healthy and had the most beautiful coloring!! I definitely know next time where to buy my next Chameleon!! I now live down in Orange County but always go back up to the Bay Area to visit my parents where I grew up!
I know that you should never buy from a Reptile Shop but this is the only Reptile store that is the exception to the rule!! All the reptiles were truly healthy and were in cages appropriate for that particular species of reptile!! Worth dropping by the store just to see the variety of reptiles that they carry if you are ever up in Northern CA!!

Christine B.
Ok... I'll get a good plant for Fractal and redo all the dirt and stuff. I even bought the supersoil and am ready. Thanks for all the help.
And yeah, East Bay Vivarium rocks. I'll be going there more. Wouldn't it be cool to work there? lol
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