battling an eye infection


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my chameleon is about 2months old now and he is battling an eye infection right now so thats the problem. i took him to the vet with one eye infected and the next few days the other seems to be closed at times but not infected. i give him his eye drops twice a day for 7 days, and its day 5 and no improvement. i tried to make him eat today but without his eyes he wont eat. ive tried opening his mouth but no luck, i just dont want to hurt his little head. so should i take him back to the vet or wait til monday? im really worried that hes going to die, does anyone know how much longer it will take for him to get better from his eye infection? he also just seems to be sitting in his basking spot and not moving. also today when i was tring to get him to eat, he would rub the infected eye on my finger like he was rubbing it. he also has tried biting me when i try to pick him up to put his eye drops in his eye, and has never done that before. i dont know if thats any good sign ot notthanks for any help!!
i have a veiled that is on antibiotics for a eye infection/problem its open but shes still rubbing it on branches i was flushing it before she started the antibiotics right now it seems like something might be in it because it looks like shes trying to get something out,she has some yellow crust at places around her eye and it still seems swollen the thing is she still eats like normal.
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