Basking Temp for Panther


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Just making the final adjustments for my Chameleon that will be here on Tuesday. He is an Ambilobe (over 2 years old). What should the basking temp be at?
Thank you all. When I checked the temp today it was 94. So I will put a lower wattage bulb in and see where I'm at with it. Thanks again, I'm sure I'll have more questions when he gets here on Tuesday.
It might be helpful for you to be able to adjust the height of the basking light as well. Just changing the wattage does not always get you the optimal temp. I screwed a small wooden shelf to the wall behind my cage with one screw in a center support and can rotate the shelf the raise or lower the light a few inches either way. You will find that the temp fluctuates quite a bit during the course of a day. You could use just a piece of wood (something like a 1x2 about 8" long) with one screw as long as it was wide enough to clamp the light to it. Hope this helps!
Thanks Reptoman, But don't think that the hubby is going to let me do that. It might clash with his sword display :) He is currently working on something that will work for adjusting height.
During the day, my cage temps run from 71deg in the lower 1/4 of the enclosure up to the low 90's in the basking area. Feldman is able to take care of his thermo-regulation quite well. Night cage temps run between 65-70 degrees depending on elevation in the enclosure. 83-85 degrees for a panthers basking spot seems a bit on the low side, IMHO.
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