Basking Outdoors?

I have a quick question. I live in Charlotte NC and I want to start letting my 4 month old panther bask outdoors. I was wondering how often and for how long I should let my panther bask? Also, what kind of weather would be best (temps, uv index, humidity, etc.)? In Charlotte this time of year it is normally on sunny days about 90F with the UV index around 8 or 9, humidity varies. What would you all suggest?
I highly recommend it!
Attention must be paid to availability of shade, misting/water, security and length of time.
I am overly cautious and only let my veiled be outside for a couple of hours 2 or 3 times a week.
He has a screen enclosure for outside to prevent escape or attack from predators (mostly worried about birds here).
I cover 1/2 of the top with a board and leafy vines are clustered throughout the enclosure to provide shady areas , I mist him at least a couple of times during these periods.

I have a big tropical tree (potted) that I let my jackson's hang out in. I put it out in the middle of the driveway, away from other plants and in direct sunlight. The large leaves from the tree provide tons of shady spots. I also shower him off with a light shower from my hose 2-3 times. Usually let him hang out there 2-3 times per week for about 2 hours...would be longer if I was like washing my car or something.

I also have a 175 gal screen enclosure for outside, but have yet to use it.
Hey Chris, I'm here in Gastonia, I take my Jackson's outside often to let him bask and do some hunting, I recommend it.
If you've got a secure yard and a cage that has ample shade for him to get out of the heat I would leave him outside 24/7. The amount of UV exposure they would get in Mad. would usually be higher than anything experienced here.
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