Basking or possible upper respitory infection?


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I have a male veiled chameleon that is turning two months in a couple days and started noticing something unusual. My temperatures are 80-85 degrees in the basking area and 60-70 degrees else where. In the basking area, my chameleon would open his mouth and sometimes I would catch him walking on the ground and tapping on the glass. Yes, glass, which means I'm keeping him in a 10 gallon tank with a mesh top. I know this is inappropriate but since he was young, I thought this was the best idea. He will certainly be moved into a screen enclosure at the end of the month with dimensions of 3' 2' 2' but will have to due in a tank till then. I assumed this could be an upper respiratory infection but I never hear heavy breathing or popping noises which I believe are common symptoms if I'm correct. The only thing that I do notice is that my chameleon shivers whenever I come close to him. Please help! Thank you in advance.
URI usually comes with weezing sound and bubble/white foam around the lip. Sometimes when chameleon overheated, it will gape (much like a dog sticking its tongue out to cool down). Poor ventilation might be another cause, since you are using glass tank. Stale air (bacteria is trapped inside the tank) will cause URI. "Shiver" you mean shake side to side? That's a common mimic of a chameleon (mimicking a moving leaves when winds blow); helps it blends into the environment better. Basking temperature for my 3 month veiled is 90 - 95 and ambient temperature is around 70. Hope this help!:D
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