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Anybody ever use Bamboo in their chameleon enclousures? The one I have in my females enclousure has been bonsia. I just cut the heads off of each developing shoot after the first leaves came out. The leaves stem has since taken the place of the original shoot. The main difference is it is less devleoped and slower growing. There is a species of bamboo in Madagascar I am unaware of the differences. I am pretty sure bamboo is safe. I eat it raw all the time.
you should make shure it is not funny bambo thats the stuff that you get at malls growing in glass jars becase that stuff can kill dogs if they eat it
No, I am a chef. If you have ever eaten a authentic asain dish then chances are you have already eaten it. It looks like celery when served. The texture is much smoother and the flavor is richer. It is amazing to me that people almost never actually know what they are eating and still will eat it.
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I have used bambo without problems in pygmy chameleon cages for almost a year now. No experience with it in old world chameleon cages though. I know many people use it after it is dried out.
Honestly in a full year my veiled has still not eaten off of it. Maybe it smell funny or something. I have seen her chill out in the middle of the stack and hide out.
I dont see why you could not use it. Just make sure you prune it, that stuff grows fast and thick.
Um, know it is the shoots your using to cook with right? Sorta like hearts of palm. Your cham might be able to digest the center part of the bamboo, or even a leaf or new shoot.

This might happen naturaly when hunting flies or insects on some crushed bamboo after a tree had fallen and knocked it over (you can use your own fictional scenario if you like) as the cham strikes the insect, it brings up some crushed bamboo, or a leaf or so. (I know you get the idea)

Don't know if you were in culinary school, but any food saftey coarse should have taught you the difference between contaminated food, food toxins, and food ilnesses. I think your concern here is with long term build up of toxin from prolonged eating of the OUTSIDE of the bamboo; Highly unlikely I would say.

I don't think there would be any illness caused by bamboo, (doesn't naturally carry any salmonella, ecolli etc) and your in control of contamination. So I would feel comfortable using it.
As you pointed out ClmbrJ and I think I should have specified this earlier. Certain species of bamboo found in South America and a handful in asia contain cyanogenic glycosides in the shoots and skin. When broke, cut or damaged the air turns this into hydrogen cyanide. As most people know cyanide can be deadly. These species of bamboo are not usually on the market places as available plants to purchase. They are utilized for lumbar and in South America are eaten. Although most people consider them not edible the airation take away the effects. There are only about six species of bamboo that are considered edible. The rest are so bitter that you would not want to eat them. At the time I purchased this paticular one I knew the name but will have to look it back up. It was safe as far as the cyanogenic glycosides where concerned but not that tasty.
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