bad shed?

Hey, so my cham seems to have had a bad shed after I got him in the mail about a month and a half ago.

My question is: is this a problem? It's to the point where I don't think there's any more dead skin coming off. It sounds like this could have been caused by low humidity, which is possible, I wasn't misting as often when I first got him.

Seems like this could block uvb.

picture attached below.

Cage Type - LLLretile's 24"x24"x36" metal screen
Lighting - 60watt reptisun heat bulb - UVB bulb - average 10-11 hour days
Temperature - 90-97 in basking spot, 70 in lower cage. Entire cage drops to high 60's low 70's at night.
Humidity - between 50-70% during the day. 70% after misting(twice a day for 10 - 15 mintues). 50% at night. Maintained with live plant, and drip system.
Plants - Pothos/fake
Location - backed into closet in house office. back corner of office, near window.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - veiled 6 month, male
Feeding - 8-10 crickets a day, dusted with calcium every other feeding, crickets eating FLuker's cricket feed, random vegetables from the fridge.
Supplements - reptal calcium without phosphorous, every other feeding. Sometimes every third.
Watering - Misting plus a drip system. I've seen him drink but rarely.
Fecal Description - dark to light dark brown, with a spot of yellowish white
History - Fl Cham offspring. I'm new to the hobby.


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