baby vieled cham!!!


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i just bought a baby chameleon , im new to the forum, i have her in glass terrarium exo terra large cage and i have substrate in it i read substrate could be bad for her, idk, shes still getting use to her environment right now, i haven got her a live plant but i plan on getting her a hibiscus ,i keep temp around 80 during the day and around 73 during the night , really i just want some advice on this little girl her names Eureka, i got her from a petsmart and i have a drip system set up and i mist 3-4 times day, i feed her twice daily with calcium dust im sure i have some more i have i havent mentioned, but is there any special requirments i need that a chameleon book didnt tell me?


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my recommendations would be get the substrate out, and get a screen enclosure a glass one is so good for air circulation
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