baby veiled enclosure pics pls


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hi im new to this forum and in a couple of weeks time im buying my first ever chameleon after having kept numerous reps before. If people could post up some pics of there baby or juvenile setups it would be much appreciated. Thx
You can find tons of pics in the photography and enclosure sections. Click on forums and then those two sub catagories and search the threads.
Here's mine its kinda big for him now but didn't want to build another cage later on for him. its 1'6"x1'6"x3'high. got a hibiscus plant with rocks on the top of the soil so he wont eat it ect. but the soil fully organic soil with no fertilizer and no pesticides. I also cleaned each of its leaves well to make sure theirs no pesticides on it as well. then just tossed some sticks with vines from an arts and crafts store held together with zip-ties. This picture was before i got my baby veiled so the UVB light and heat lamps are not in that picture, but their just sitting on top of the cage now.

Cage outside waiting for the paint to dry.
Cage in my room without the stand.
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