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Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by stalincat, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. stalincat

    stalincat Member

    Bishop's appetite or rather lack of thereof makes me a wee bit worried. He doesn't eat crickets at all, he eats some locusts, but not very often. Most of the time he ignores silkworms and woodlice.
    Some days I would put 5 bugs in and then pick up 2 or 3 in the evening, other days he would eat everything me and then my partner had put in, but it doesn't happen very often.
    He does like calci worms and mealworms, but that's pretty much it.
    He poops every day, so he is eating something. He is very active but quite shy. He is well hydrated and his poo and urate look fine. It's just his lack of appetite that confuses me. My girl Ripley was always eating like a pig, she would rarely leave anything.
    I looked through the forum, most of people ask 'is it normal that my baby eats 30 bugs a day'.. I wish he was eating like that.
    Could it be that he is still stressed? I've had him for about a month, not handling him at the moment.
  2. DavidBuchan

    DavidBuchan New Member

    Remind me how old exactly Bishop is? Are the bugs all of suitable size? Did he ever eat many? Does he bask much and what's the temp? Could you post a pic?
  3. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    As silly as it sounds, if one of mine doesn't eat, first i try smaller prey and if that doesn't work, I try larger prey. some chams seem picky about the size of their food. It is worth a try.
  4. pssh

    pssh New Member

    How old/big is he and how big are the bugs? Do you weigh him? If not its a good idea to weigh once a week or so just keep an eye on his growth. If he is growing steadily I wouldnt worry too much, but if he doesnt grow it could be an issue like parasites.

    Filling out the how to ask for help form would help us get a better idea of what could be an issue.
  5. stalincat

    stalincat Member

    Chameleon Info:
    Your Chameleon - Veiled chameleon, boy, about 2.5 months old
    Handling - don't handle. Took him out once to clean the enclosure, he went all black
    Feeding - small crickets (doesn't like them), small locusts (he takes them on occasion), wee calciworms, mini mealworms sometimes, woodlice and silkworms he mostly ignores. Twice a day, 1st time early about 5 bugs, then in the afternoon depending on whether he ate what he had before. Gutloading with high calcium bug food, zucchini, red peppers, sweet potato, carrots.
    He is very shy and wouldn't at if anyone is around.
    Supplements - calcium every feed, d3 once a fortnight, multivit once a month, all exo terra
    Watering - Have a little dripper on for a good few hours, misting 3 times a day. See him drink from time to time, very cute=)
    Fecal Description - dark brown/black, slimy with white urates. He poops every day. Don't think he was tested for parasites, but it can easily be done.
    History - got him from a breeder with a good reputation. He was eating fine at the shop, and I'm inclining to believe it because he laid some impressive poops in the first couple of days.

    Cage Info:
    Cage Type - exo terra glass screen top terrarium 45x45x60cm. I have his teenage mesh flexarium 40x40x75cm waiting, but I'm not sure for now, the wee schmuck seems a bit too small for it.
    Lighting - 40w heat lamp, reptiglo 10.0 tube on top of a screen (the wet told me to use 10 if its on top) with reflectors. Think maybe a bit too much?
    Temperature - basking spot is around 85, the night temp is around 70F
    Humidity - humidity between 50 and 60
    Plants - ficus, jade plant and loads of plastic vines and plants. He loves his climbing
    Placement - his and Ripley's cages are by the window which is covered, they can't see outside. It's a quiet residential area. There are dark curtains around the enclosures.
    Location - Edinburgh, Scotland

    answering other question:
    1. the size of bugs is small. I had a box of really small crickets, he just ignored them. He's not so keen on bigger ones either. I ordered some bb maggots, maybe he will like them.
    2. he loves his basking and climbing
    3. I never weighted him as it's hearbreaking to take him out, he gets terrified. Suppose can do it tomorrow

    He shed only once on my watch, but I'm pretty sure he grew a bit. He looks pretty good, active and alert.. just doesn't have much of an appetite (unless its calci worms or mealworms).

    Hopefully didn't forget anything

    p.s. i'll attach some pics tomorrow. Need to take a couple of new ones. I've been trying not to bother him too much
  6. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Since he is pooping every day, he could just be a slower grower. I would start weighing him so you can be sure he is growing nicely. He's still very young, so he still has time to have some big growth spurts.
  7. stalincat

    stalincat Member

    weighted him today, was 9g. Is it ok?
    I'm taking my girl to the vet in a week or so, maybe I should take the baby for a check too?
  8. DavidBuchan

    DavidBuchan New Member

    I can't say about the weight, I've actually never weighed my lizards and I rely on appearance to tell if there is weight gain/loss. The actual weight right now doesn't matter as much as whether he will gain at a reasonable rate. He could just be a slow grower - a runt usually won't be expected to live as long, but decent care and they can of course live full lives. If he likes calciworms then give him as many as he wants :).
    I guess you know the form detail look fine, take him to the vet by all means but it sounds like there isn't anything to do other than what you are doing. Good luck with him.
  9. stalincat

    stalincat Member

    Thanks David. I probably should take him to make sure everything is fine, although he would be even more frightened of humans after that.
    Will make sure to keep a constant supply of calci worms for him.

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