Baby veiled can't close an eye


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I know it usually goes the other way around, but this chameleon actually cannot close one eye. I talked to Bill Strand about it, we both guessed a Vit A deficiency which I'm treating, but could also be an injury -I think it may be caused by another baby's nails maybe grabbing her eye- tomorrow I will schedule an appointment with the vet, thought I would share this unusual issue with you guys.

Click here for the video of her during the day. Read video description for more infos.
Here's how she looks while sleeping.


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Oh wow, yeah, I haven't seen this before. That's crazy that her eye stays open when sleeping. Poor girl. Can she see out it? Like if you put a feeder insects on that side of her body, does she have a blind spot or can she see and recognize prey?

It's possible that another baby grabbed her eye. But maybe there's just something stuck in her eye? Hence her trying to rub her eye? The eye seems to be more sunken in than the other eye. And at the bottom of the eye turrets there seems to be bulge-like sac. I wonder if there's anything in there.

I'm just thinking out loud. I'm sure more knowledgeable people will join the discussion. I haven't seen this before, but I'm extremely curious to hear what the vet says.


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She does use it sometimes and I've seen her eating in various occasions.

The eyelid looks detached at times and somehow it seems to rotate (in a few occasions it looks like its shaped vertically)

The bulge that you see it's probably her just cleaning the eye, she does that often since it must be really uncomfortable not being able to close it.

I tried to flush it just putting drops of water on it and it seemed to help a little bit at the beginning, now whenever I do it she just rubs it on a branch or leaves..


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It's definitely irritating her because she's rubbing it.
She's moving it around a lot though so I would think she can still see at least to some extent...but when I look at the photo of her the eye lens looks covered over...or am I wrong?

I use definitely take her to a good chameleon vet.


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Yeah she covers the eye often trying to clean it I guess, but I think she sees ok, she's able to eat and point at the target with both eyes
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