baby veiled can barely open his eyes.


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i have given him steam baths which got him to crack his eye open but close it immediately thereafter. he just started closing his eyes a few days ago and wont open them. he will navigate his tank with his eyes closed and fall off of branches and hit the ground and still keep his eyes closed. i put him in a shorter tank to limit the distance of his falls. should i return this little newbie to the breeder or should i give the little fella some more tlc and hope he comes out of it. also what are the causes of this problem.
Return tot he breeder and get a chameleon that is 3+ months old.

But really, you havent given us any details to give enough advice.
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How long have you had him?
You should contact the breeder with your concerns.
Is the breeder local? If so, what vet do they use and would you feel comfortable going there, or do you have a herp vet of your own?
The breeder should be available to you for advice and questions. You should feel comfortable calling them.

Walking around the cage with eyes shut is never a good sign IMHO.
I would either take it to the vets ASAP or return it to the people you got it from.

You should review your husbandry if you decide to keep it and/or if you decide to get another one. Your husbandry may be okay...but its still worth checking.
What are you useing for lights? im guessing a compact or a zilla cham killer as i call them! you should be useing a repti sun 5.0 t-8 linular or a repti glo 5.0 t-8.What did the breeder say about your problem?
Erm, welcome new member - you've come to the right place. Everything you need to know about Chameleons is here for you.
Are you an experienced keeper or did you accidently buy a sick Cham then?
..........I agree with kinyonga entirely........
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