baby t. johnstoni


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I have taken two baby of t.johnstoni, they are 2 months old and the sex is not looked at. I think is two male. the females of this species have of the corneous plates in correspondence of the horns of the males? excused for my English.
I had some baby johnstoni years ago and they were large hatchlings. I think by 2 months it was clear which ones were males by how much the horns had grown by then. I would say if there is no horn growth by now then they are female, but I only had them once, years ago....
I have seen many photos, but nobody is much clear one for what I want to see. in the next few days I will put some photos. the baby to are cb and came from Czech republic.
Very nice babies!
Try looking at the base of the tail instead of the noses. If you have both male and female babies there, you might/should see a difference.
the baby they are many small in order to notice substantial differences, we will see in the next few days (if they live)
Coooool babies. I wish you the best of luck with them! I know they can be difficult but certainly not impossible. And when they are adults it will be well worth it :)
I can't quite tell which baby is which in all the pictures but it seems there is one that has no horn points started yet?
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