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I have had "Dipped in Butter", a baby (male?) veiled just over a week now. Yesterday I noticed he was a bit dull in color, and today, sure enough he shed his skin.

How often is a baby veiled "supposed" to shed ?

He didn't want to eat yesterday, but appears to have eaten quite a few crickets today. He was very inactive yesterday, but spent the majority of this morning trying to rub himself on leaves and twigs.

He usually hates it when I spray his environment, but seemed to hate it less today....

Is all the above normal ?

And last, with his shedding, I can now see that he has some (new?) yellowish markings on his little flanks -- is this just new coloration coming through with his shed ?
Your baby chameleon will become brighter every time he sheds, until he is in his full adult coloration. The behavior you describe is completely normal for a chameleon that is about to shed. You will see it a lot in the next few months! In my experience, babies shed every three weeks or so until they are about 4 - 5 months old, and then they start slowing down.

BTW.. I love the name.. :eek:
Thank you !!!

Thank you for your reply. I've had many other lizards and had an iguana for years...but this baby kinda freaks me out. He is just sooooo little.

Glad you like his name. We do. :D:eek:
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