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hey hows it going... i just received a baby senegal yesterday.. the first day he ate 4 crickets and 3 meal worms.. i just wanted to know how much they usually eat and how often i should be feeding him... and also do they change colors to their surroundings or to their mood? and if their moods what colors mean what? thanks alot
Hi tony,

The amount of food eaten per day would depend on the size and type of food. Some people might offer contrasting advice, but for young chameleons like you have I usually feed them as much as they will eat once a day. This usually ends up being from 10-20 food items. Make sure not to feed insects that are too large.

Chameleons do not change to their surroundings, although natural selection sometimes makes it look that way. Some things that do cause color change:
light intensity
emotional and physiological responses

In general, a dark coloring (brown/black) shows your chameleon is stressed from one or more of the categories above.

Actually, I need to edit the general statement about (brown/black) coloration. This is also dependent on the particular species, sex, and age of the chameleon.
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I agree I had a Senegal a few years ago, but I had to go to Basic Training so I had to sell him back to the pet store I bought him from. From what I can remember he was allot more friendly and he would actually want me to handle him unlike my veileds, but of coarse they are known to be aggressive. I don't think they change color though I believe like Brad said they only change their shades of green. Depending light intensity,temperature,emotional and physiological responses, sex, and age of the chameleon.

Good luck
hey thanks guys i saw that pic and those colors are pretty awsome.. he seems to be doing fine he hasnt eaten the past two days but im not too worried yet...oh yea and quick question what should the temp be at night... i have a night light but i think its warm enough with out it for now.. and whats a good supplement to put on the crickets or to gut load them?
Arrowhawk, that chameleon is very beautiful. They are sold in the u.k as Graceful chameleons. I hope Chris Anderson sees this and gives his comment on what species he thinks it is!
Actually, that's a Ch. dilepis. It's occipital lobes are too large for Ch. gracilis and Ch. senegalensis doesn't have occipital lobes.

Chris :cool:
Chris Anderson said:
Actually, that's a Ch. dilepis. It's occipital lobes are too large for Ch. gracilis and Ch. senegalensis doesn't have occipital lobes.

Chris :cool:
lol, I thought you may say that Chris!! Looks like these chameleons are wrongly identified often. Can I just say, I used to own a dilepis (flap-neck) and her occipital lobes were much larger than ArrowHawks one. I was led to believe the small lobes = Graceful and the large lobes = Flap-neck.
My Senegal gets just like the one I showed you. As soon as I can catch him like that I'll post a picture of him.
The entire Ch. dilepis species complex is a real mess. The ones with the really large flaps are Ch. dilepis dilepis. Smaller flaps can be one of the various subspecies of Ch. dilepis or Ch. quilensis or Ch. roperi. I'd need locale data, good photos of both males and females, etc., to be sure of exactly which it is. Ch. gracilis are noted to have "occipital lobes merely indicated, not moveable." Here is a photo of the occipital lobes of a typical Ch. quilensis: As you can see, they aren't very large. The problem is, this group is just not very easy to identify exactly without information on exactly the animal is from.

Hello Chris
I'm no expert but the one I pictured was said to be a Senegal and it looks just like mine. I bought mine from a breeder that told me it was a Senengal. Could you please take a look at the one I have in my gallery and let me know what you think it is? I know alot of species that look very similiar but now I'm starting to wonder if mine is really what I was told it was.

I always just look for colors. I know senegals are " green's, Browns " and have spots of course! That flap neck is blue with stripped pattern ;)
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