Baby pygmy chameleons!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey all! Long time, no post!

In the past two days I've had two baby pygmy chameleons hatch. :D:D Hope a few more are on the way. :) I've read up on keeping babies, but there isn't much info out there. Any tips from the experienced? How soon until they will be ready to eat? I tried feeding one that was 24hrs old, and it showed no interest.

Some past pics of the adults:

Now, for the new additions! :) Please tell me for favorite! :)

Look at me!

On thumb.

Aren't we cute!

Get off of me!

I'm gonna get you!

Now I'm gonna choke you! (lol)

What'cha looking at?


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On the prowl.

Big mama. Hates pictures. :D

Baby on mama. "This hill is soooo steep!"

Don't you touch my baby! ROAR!

Please tell me your favorite! :)

lisa h

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Just *one* favourite?! Those are all awesome pics! If I have to pick, it's probably the "Now I'm gonna choke you" one. Congrats on the babies. :)


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Ahh! So adorable!! I like the last one of the first post where they're both on sticks looking at you. Wish I had a better camera to get good pics of mine... I just had one hatch yesterday, and my older clutch is now 2 months old! The first batch didn't eat until the 3rd day. Looks like you have two boys to me. Keep them cool, mist them several times a day and keep the flies coming is my best advice. They grow fast! It took mine a week or two to figure out color changing and it was really cute watching them play with patterns. :)

Aminah Undone

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I have more than one favorite, too!

"What'cha lookin' at?" .. "Aren't we cute!" .. "This hill is soooo steep!"

They are all fantastic shots, though!

I guess I'm going to have to get Telma and Louise a little man toy, after all.


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How come Pygmys are so cheap. Like I want to get a Jackson but I also love Pygmys and they are like35 dollars cheapier.


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How come Pygmys are so cheap. Like I want to get a Jackson but I also love Pygmys and they are like35 dollars cheapier.

Probably because they are small and not inundated with eye-popping colors. But I like them because they don't require lots of room and they do well in a naturalistic environment. :D


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I just had another one hatch! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Quick question, of the three, two (included the newest) have dirt stuck to their "belly button area" (don't know technical term lol). Is this normal? If so, when should it fall off?


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Time for pics of the new baby. :D:D

"I heard we have a new sibling. Let's go find him!"

"Found him" "Follow us!"

"How do you climb these things?" (one on far right)

"Here, let me give you a hand!"

"Here's Mama, Papa, and Auntie" (LOL)

In my hand. A proud papa. :D
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