Baby Parson's Chameleons!

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I was able to hand pick out 5 Baby Parson's today! What a fascinating species. You'd be amazed at how strong their grips are for their size. Here's a photo of one I took this morning.


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Beautiful little gems, love the pumpkin coloration when they are baby/juveniles; such an amazing chameleon species. Are they CH/CB or WC? I've always wanted a Parson's, but I'll probably never have one...Maybe if I wish real hard one will arrive on my doorstep by 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning *hint hint* :D
They're Captive Bred. Tyler Stewart is flying in Thursday Night. You can come over if you want and check these out this weekend! We'll have a cham pow wow and maybe look for some veileds. Interested? How about some Kayaking in Ding Darling?
I think the sensation I am feeling right now is extreme jealosy. I just saw pics of a couple of others on another forum, probably from the same clutch. Beautiful! I am sure you will do well by your five.

Pressure is on

Michele - Come on Homegirl.... So much fun is happening so close to you with no real excuse not to be there.... :D
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Thanks for getting Mike involved now too. Jerk. :D I may be able to make it, and I may not. I'll have to see what 'the shedule' allows for- mebbe I'll get a reprieve from work, who knows. If I do come, you know it's only the Parson's I want to see anyways :p, and thanks for the invite Mike!

Great looking cham and awesome pic! The "cham get-togethers" are great. We had a big group get together last month and it was a blast. We got to show the group over 30 species of chameleon between 4 collections including a behind the scene tour of a Zoo with F. balteatus and C. p. parsonii. Hanging out with all the keepers and breeders during it was a blast though.

Anyway, here are a couple pics of my new additions which Mike is babysiting for me this weekend (thanks again!). Enjoy!




where did these guys come from? Are they bred in the US, or imports?

Cute little buggers. Glad you were able to get some more - after your CO incident, I was wondering how long it would take before you could find some more - congrats.
Congrats to the new parsonii owners! It is good to see these rare chameleons going to people who really know what they are doing. I wish you all the best, especially with any kind of breeding attempts.

How old are the parsonii in the photos? What was the average incubation time? Thanks for sharing... Eye candy at its best.
Eric, is selling them. I'm very excited to have them again. The CO incident was a real crushing blow and things just haven't been the same since it happened. I'm really looking forward to raising these two up!


These are young animals, my guess is less then 2 months old in some cases but its hard to say for sure. Their incubation time is generally in the 16-21 month range.

I have had the pleasure of conversing in person with Lynda Horgan (AdCham) on several ocasions, and while she was telling me about some of the species she has cared for over the years, she mentioned that a long long time ago she was given a pair of parsonii. This was long before anyone had written any books concerning care, and probably the average lifespan of captive chameleons were told in 'months and not years'. Both of them died, but not before a female layed eggs for her, which she incubated... and incubated... and incubated... Since no one at the time had any idea that chameleon eggs could take longer than 18 months to hatch... they were dissmissed for duds.

I would probably still be kicking myself in the ass over it to this day from looking at these photos. They look great. Freaking arboreal lizards cats or something.

Mine got here today also.... Very cool little creatures. Mine's got a little white spot on each flank and drinking like crazy. I'm calling it a girl until proven otherwise LOL.


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Lookin' good Tyler. She has green stripes so there is a good chance. At this point its anyone's guess but I'm keeping my fingers crossed too.

Partners in crime:

Mind sharing your enclosure and set up photos? info on how you are keeping them?

Just curious. I have lots of info on how its suggested to keep them, but, Ill never experience it...
Here is a photo of my larger C. parsonii enclosure:

This enclosure is 7'x6'x3' and is obviously best for an adult. It has three mist heads over the length of the enclosure, a 100W powersun MV bulb on one end, a flourescent tube for ambient light on the other side and a warm basking spot on the end.

Here is a photo of my other large parsonii enclosure:

It is approx 7'x3'x3' but as you can see, it isn't a square base. It has a single mist head and generally has a MV in the back corner, a flourescent for aditional ambient light and a basking spot. At the moment, I have it set up with both babies in it so the foliage is a little heavier, the MV has been replaced with a normal incandescent for additional light and I have a reptisun in the tube hood. I was worried about the heat and UV intensity on babies of this size. There is also a couple feeding stations in the enclosure.

I run my mist system twice a day for 30 minutes each session during mild temperature months and in addition to that, every 1.5 hours for 5 minutes in warmer months.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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