Baby Panther burned by heat light


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my baby got too close to the heat light, my fault,:( and his underside is very dark. He now will not eat and just wants to sleep. its been 3 days and he hasnt eaten. too long for a youngen of only 3 months. Any creams? suggestions?



Firstly make sure any heat lamps are outside the cage and are protected,chameleons are not that bright and will bask against a bulb even if its burning them.The best advice would be to take your cham to a reptile vet and get him checked out

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I'm sorry to say that it sounds serious if your baby just wants to sleep all day. Please take him to see a vet asap as time isn't on your side:(
this sounds terrably stupid. I believe that his underside color has returned to normal.

My baby likes to climb to the top of the cage and sleep upside down under the UV light. He turns his underside black to absorb the small amount of heat the light gives. whenver id handle him from after being under the light it would be black. 4 days ago however He did come right beneath the heat lamp, so i still wonder if that hurt him. I guess the vet is my best bet then.
This sounds like an odd situation. How sure are you that he hasnt eaten for 3 straight days? juveniles of that age usually eat a lot(the ones Ive had anyway) If hes not eating right, it may be a husbandry or stress problem.

Make sure hes getting all he needs. Humidity, heat, proper enclosure, stress level. All of these things have to be taken in account for a healthy chameleon. If you think youre doing all that needs to be done, dont hesitate to bring your little guy to the vet.

As for his underbelly, the best way for us or anyone to judge his to have it shown to us. Do you have a digital camera, if so take a picture and post it for us to see, many different angles is the best to make an acurent prognosis.

best of luck
returned from the vet today. His undersides fine, but the vet thinks he has stomach bacteria so now i have to inject him every other day and hope for the best.

I also have a panther and believe he may have burned himself under the heat light. He is very dark in color and will not eat at all. Its been over a week and all that I managed to get him to eat was three crickets. Is there any suggestions as to what I can do about the burn and how to get him to eat? He does not like to eat out of a cup, I do not have a cage with small screen holes so I have to put the crickets in a cup. Any advise would be great!!
Under the thread "is he okay?" I just posted my experience of burning my panther. =/ Can you see any white spots or raw spots? I can barely remember what my panther looked like right after he burnt himself, but you can tell where the wound is.
As for the crickets... unless you're up to pulling off their back legs ( :eek: ) I'd try to make a worm tray. Before I cup trained my cham I ended up cutting a milk jug, leaving the bottom and a back side. It turned out to be in an L shape, with a tray (the bottom of the jug) and a place for the worms to crawl on the side. I cut out a large area in the middle of the bottom and the side, and hot glued screen to cover the holes. This way, I could put worms in, but I didn't have to worry about them drowning when my mister went off. Also, the side encouraged my boy to eat seeing them crawl up and down the screen. Not very many got out, and I think the only reason one did was because I had to make one with elmers and masking tape before I got the hot glue. (It doesn't work very well. :p)
Either way if there is an open wound, get him to the vet immediately. Your pet could have sepsis or may have even burned his organs :eek: :eek: :eek:

If there is a wound, you can put neosporin on it. It's what my vet recommends to keep my cham's wound bacteria free while he is healing from his current burn. :( sigh

Good luck. :)
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