Baby Meller's

Vegas Chad

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I do, but then I remember that I have a VERY large shop which I am currently outfitting with racks and stuff for all my cages and equipment. But then again I did buy a new truck so when I get the itch I think of the truck payment. Damn new expensive vehicles cutting into the chameleon funds! I already asked Tyler if he needed a cage washer but he said no. :(


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Nice cage, isn't it the DIY cage posted on Chameleon News?

LOL....Tyler is not going to be happy about the "must not buy remark" LOL:D Those Miller are really awesome. Too bad i live in an apartment so i have limited space. I have fitted my living room with 12 cage 3 tub of crickets and a 10 gallon tank of dubias. Can't fit anymore stuff. Thus, i am moving out of the apartment soon. SO, have to limit my collection.
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