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I've been so busy lately and have really needed to take some photos. Here is a pic of a baby Mellers I shot this morning. I have 4 babies that were Captive Hatched. I'm waiting on around 60+ eggs of my own to hatch sometime in the next month.

Awesome! They had some babies at the Hamburg show yesterday-actually it was the best show I went to chameleon-wise in in a long time-but I came home with nothing-haha. I was good. Also known as BROKE!
Wow-Mike! What is the secret to putting another cage in my house without it looking like more of a zoo? :)
Mike …. I SO envy all the eggs you get from the imports. You will be the master at hatching chams eggs without a doubt.

Beautiful little critter BTW.

Stunning baby i can remember when mine was that small.Mellors are awesome chams so different from any other i find, here is mine now a nice chunky boy/girl.

BEAUTIFUL chameleons, everyone! Makes me want to get some..

(no more space, no more time.. no more space, no more time.. )
I hope you hatch many mini tuxedos, Mike!

Mr Brooks is HUGE now! Time to post more pix of him to mellerichams, Karen.

EXO, did you breed his parents, or get him from a breeder? Lovely little animal!

Heika, if you hang out our chat long enough, I'll convince you to get some. Not one. Several. LOL

I love melleri baby pictures!!! More! More!
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