I can't wait til this summer. I am a farm hand during the hay season and my boss says that i can collect as many as i want in the fields.
That's pretty cool and crazy at the same time lol. Are you going to feed the mantis off as treats or as some kind of staple? Aren't there dangers because of the raptor claws? How are you going to feed them, free range or in a cup? Sorry for the questions just really curious lol. Thanks.

I hung the egg sac in Fractal's cage, because I wanted him to see them hanging from the sac like they do and get interested in eating them like candy. I got them off EBAY. lol .99 cents. They are too small to hurt Fractal. I will let some of them outside so they can grow and have babies of their own, I hope. Since the hummers stopped coming around here because of the smokers next door... might as well, yeah? lol
I just bought the one sac. They are like candy to the chameleon. Other lizards too, because I did this years ago for the many desert species I used to keep. I would say anywhere from 50 to 100 of them were out yesterday. Today, hardly a sign of them. They dispersed. This was a fairly small sac compared to the one I had purchased before. It was fun.
I wonder if lady bugs would be a good treat for the cham?
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