Baby Girl brought back to life after being frozen for three days


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A STILLBORN baby was brought back from the "dead" after doctors froze her body for three days, British media reported today.

Your link is no longer valid. Several other links about the story I tried are not valid.

This one is.

Little Ella Anderson had been dead for 25 minutes after she was starved of oxygen in the womb.

Medics managed to revive her but feared Ella could still die or suffer severe brain damage.

She was whisked 30 miles away to Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, and placed in a cooling blanket.

The pioneering procedure protects against brain damage by forcing the organ to repair itself. Ella's temperature plummeted from 37C to 33.5C.

Hypothermia therapy is growing by leaps and bounds. It's now being used to revive patients who "die" from cardiac events.

Hypothermia therapy works by supporting mitochondria and allowing them to repair the surrounding cell matter.
i think froze for three days is a bit of an exaggeration.... and the word froze is an exaggeration i think also. 33.5 Celsius isn't freezing thats actually still well above 80 degrees. i think your mixing up Fahrenheit and Celsius
that is truly amazing! Theres a frozen coy fish in my pond right now, maybe there's still hope lol!!!!:eek:
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