Baby Food (?!)


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I discovered something kind of interesting that I thought I would share. It appears that Hermie loves baby food (specifically banana-oatmeal-peach flavored). I had been feeding it to a sick beardie that I acquired, and figured why not give it a shot with hermie. I used a 1 cc syringe (minus the needle) and plopped a blob on his nose. Within a minute he was licking it off, and then when I put the syringe by his nose/mouth and continued to SLOWLY deplunge it he continued eating for a good 10 minutes. I had to refill a few times. He stayed light green the entire time, and seemed happy. Of course I made sure to keep it away from his nose holes so that it wouldn't affect his breathing.

I've never been able to get hermie to eat fresh fruits or veggies so I figured maybe this is the next best thing?
baby food

I moved to Texas- PLANO-and am currently looking for a vet. But I am also in another cham. site and someone told me to try Sweet potatoe organic baby food for my cham that was having problems and still is recovering (going to 2nd vet apt, 1st vet I tried was Crazy). He is also on liquid calcium I got from the vet. The same cham also ate a piece of banana from my hand. Ohh coarse I dont do this all the time, I usually like to gut load the prey with this kind of stuff. Good luck with your guy!
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