Baby enclosures?


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I have two very very small veilds that I am having problems with because i dont think i have their setups right.

How do you guy set up enclosures for hatchlings basically? their bodies arent much longer than the tiup of my finger and im having issues making sure they are eating and what not.

Pics would be much appreciated


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I use 66 quart tubs from walmart. Much lighter than dealing with glass tanks. Easier to take into the shower and clean out every couple of days. I usually stick a small live plant along with some natural branches in with the babies so they have plenty of climbing surfaces. I also use some plastic plants for water droplets so they have more areas to drink from. Just make sure they cannot reach the top of the sides to escape. I have cut the center out of the plastic lids and hot glued in some screen but usually dont use a top at all.
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