Baby enclosures!


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Im 2 weeks away from the 5 month point of m panther eggs. I have everything I need but I just need some advice on the setups.
How high should the perch be for a day old cham?
How many should I keep per enclosure?(please relate our answer to inches or centimeters, as gallons mean nothing to me.)
How close should I allow them to get to the 5.0?
How much space is too much space, in terms of hunting?

In terms of feeding... I have read conflicting info on how often & how much. Any thoughts?

Please post pics of your baby bins. I have seen quite a few but the more the merrier.

Trying to get thing right the first time so any additional advice is more than welcome.

thanks, Justin.


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thats great. so i guess i could keep the uvb source higher up and it would be sufficient? Ill be new to using such small feeders, any tips? Do you feed whatever they can eat within 5 minutes? 2-3 times a day?


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It's best to keep the UV lights higher up and not use new bulbs for they are strong for the babies eyes. They will not eat for one to two days after hatched. I started with HD fruit flies and pin head crickets. I would feed three times a day and I only dusted the pinheads the first feeding of each day.
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