Baby Dragons from Laurie!!


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Lovely Dragons, look forward to years of amusement and odd antics! :)
LOl @ Laurie, Always brings a smile when folk wax lyrical about the pungency of a particular specie's poo! Makes me wonder if folks actually make comparisons, brings to mind a person (much like a wine buff) waving some paper towel under their nose to savour the aroma!
"Hmmmm...swirl swirl, fruity with a touch of woodiness"...... its a dragon, about 11 oclock :D
Thanks everyone!! Yes they are adorable, thanks to Laurie! :D And they do LOVE to eat! lol! They already have such big personalities! I can't wait to see how they are as they get older. I'll have more pictures of Winston (who decided he wanted to brumate, even though I did try to talk him out of it) when he wakes up for spring!!
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