Baby Deremenis Chameleon Just Hatched!

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I'm really excited about this little guy he is the first to hatch in 1 of my 4 clutches of these. The camera didn't even capture how blue these little guys are. Definitley one of my favorite species. I'll post some more pics next week.


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Holy cow, I think that's my new favorite cham, LOL. Do they retain that color when they're older?
jenfur427 said:
Holy cow, I think that's my new favorite cham, LOL. Do they retain that color when they're older?
No they turn solid green, but what a treat it would be to have 4 unrelated clutches of these guys.
I would reccomend you guys snap these up. Deremensis have their quirks, but compared to other montanes, these guys are rock solid - especially CB/CH animals.

Mike, I guess these are CH? If not, I apologize. It's just that so few people are trying to breed the things.

I've been working with them for over 5 years, and have learned quite a bit about them. Most of that centers around not overfeeding the things - they can get so fat if conditions are not perfect, the females can't lay their eggs.

Of course, I learned this the hard way...

I've managed to get two pair of WC adults recently, otherwise I'd be all over these guys myself. Of course Mike, if you somehow CANNOT sell these most beautiful of baby chameleons, give me a call!

Eric A
Congrats! You don't see these guys hatching in captivity very often. Were they CH or CB? How about the other clutches? Good luck with them!
Thank you all for the kind words. They are CH. I was in Miami going through some shipments and first noticed a 3 legged gravid Deremensis that came in. Knowing it was just going to sit in the warehouse and die I decided to pick it up and get it to someone who could take care of it. I brought it home and it seemed gravid forever. Finally I saw it near the bottom and put it in a laying bucket. By the way it was one of it's back legs missing so it could successfully dig. It layed huge eggs. Like 4 times the size of a panther egg and double the size of a veiled egg. To say all that it peaked my interest working with species that aren't readily available. The REAL "TRI POD" is doing great still today!
You know, more people have luck getting fresh imports to lay than LTC's. I spoke to Josh Mease about this, and apprantly, they seasonal temps and food availability are a major issue. If they are not allowed to go through a cool season, with almost zero food, they will become so fat, and develop so many eggs, they physically cannot pass them. I have had several females, though fed less than 6 insects per WEEK, become grossly obese and die.

I'm still trying to find out exactly when the seasonal changes are, and what the food availability is - I should have those questions answered soon.

The first deremensis I had was a CB from the Kammers, and he was the easiest chameleon I've raised. Less appetite than a veiled, slower growth, more relaxed, far lower requirements, and just a pure delight to keep and raise. He developed an abcess in his mouth, and was sucessuflly treated for it, but died as a result of the baytril treatment. An awesome animal, and absolutly my favorite chameleon of all time.

Mike, there's few people breeding deremensis. They're not really as predictible as other species, and not always easy to understand. Hold back some of these guys, as well as some WC's, and at least give it a shot!
They are *my* species - the one I want to focus on most of all. I really want to see more CB animals available, as I think they have a great future if given the chance.

Aside form the cool winters, they are as simple to care for as anything I've had. I raised my male up from a tiny baby to a big adult with no basking light - just a flourescent tube, minerall and herptivite.

The weirdness associated witht hem seemd to dissapear after I allowed them to cohabitate, or at least be within visual range of one another. IF left alone, females seem fine. Males, on the other hand, will go in search of other deremensis during mating season, and won't eat or sit still for weeks or months (and not get skinny, either) until they find one. Once I got females, I stopped seeing this.
What an awesome chameleon! Hey, where you down at the Florida International Reptile and Exotic Pets Expo? I bought my 5 month veiled from you there!! You also sold me a used cage, thanks for that!
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