baby chameleon won't open eyes

A thought to calm your mind... as written by Eric.

Eric Adrignola said:
Keep doing what you're doing. If he's not thiriving, and the others are, chances are that it is not something you are doing wrong, nor somethign that you can correct.
Many more of them survive the actual hatching process in captivity than in nature. So if a few weaker runts, or runtish babies make it a few months of age before dying, you should not be surprised. Though most flawed babies will not make it out of the egg, due to the optimal conditions in captivity, some will survive for months (or longer) before succumbing.
Just keep up the good work, but don't feel bad if it doesn't make it.
-Eric Adrignola
As posted on a CCIC Thread discussing a blind baby.​
that is true. i wasn't thinking about that at first i checked all the babies and this one was the only one with it eyes closed. they are 3 weeks this weekend.
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