baby cham fell hurt lip or jaw


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - ambanja panther, female, 3 months. one week
Handling - not once yet
Feeding - small brown crickets 10 a day feed every morning gutloading with veg
Supplements - mult-vit nutrolbal 2 times a months, calcium calypso evey feed
Watering - misting bottle 3 times a day i see her drink all the time
Fecal Description - peach coloured poo's ever day not been treated for parasites
History - none

Cage Info:
Cage Type - exo terra glass and screen 18x18x24
Lighting - zoo med repti sun 5.0, model linearer tub on 11 hours of 13 hours
Temperature - basking 87 ambient 80 night 69 digital thermometer
Humidity - 60-80% misting bottle live plant digital hydrometer
Plants - small ficus
Placement - none about a foot from the floor
Location - England
Current Problem
My baby chameleon fell from the top of the tank on to the glass floor the hieght is about 24 inches at firt she as fine and now I have noticed that the bottom lip on the right side on my chameleons lip is pertruding a slit bit this is not putting her of food or drink she has gone a git draker from her normal peach colour.
I feel awfull i havn't even had her a week and now this happened.
here is a pic
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She should be fine. They drop to the ground in the wild when frightened. So I'd just watch for signs of injury, and if she moves fine and eats and drinks ok she'll be fine.
what shall i do about the lip will it go back to normal i have some reptile iodine that i could place on the lip with a cotton bud to clearn it.
I don't want you to freak out but you should keep an eye on her lips and mouth just to be safe in case it's coincidence that she fell but has something else wrong.

Mouthrot (Stomitits)
Causes: This is a bacterial infection, which settles into the gum tissue, palate or tongue. If left untreated it can invade the jaw bone. One important fact often overlooked by a pet owner is that mouthrot is not a disease itself, it is a secondary infection triggered by a systemic infection.
Symptoms:Stomatitis presents as yellowish-whitish plaques, or irregular blotches on the gums.
Treatment:A vet can show you how to work on it. Because stomatitis is a secondary infection, the reptile must be placed on a course of antibiotics. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are usually tried first. A culture is usually done to identify the organism at large. Any reptile that is sick needs to be kept warm and hydrated. For the duration of the treatment, the nighttime temperature should stay about the same as the daytime temperature. They may have to be hand-fed, and hydrated with Pedialyte.
Prevention:You must always take the time to evaluate why your chameleon got sick. Something must have happened to make it sick in the first place. Temperatures may not have been calibrated correctly, a new the enclosure and furnishings may have gone a little to long without being properly cleaned and disinfected, or reptile may have been under stress.
ok i will keep an eye on her if she stops eatting and drink and her colours become darker then is will seek vet advise.
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