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I had heard of Jackson's retaining sperm... and it just happened with my female. 5 months ago she had 8 babies. And today, she had 4 more. All are not fully developed and 3 were born dead. But I have one who is alive... He has no eyes. What should I do? Should I put him down? He cannot possibly survive with no eyes can he? Attached are photos. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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aww, poor baby :( i dont want to say hes useless without eyes, but it would take a lot of time and dedication to care for this cham who has very special needs.


I had a friend that owned a blind bearded dragon, with time he learned to trust that when something got really close to his nose and was moving it was food. It took a couple of months and alot of sickness before he started to do this but it might be worth a try with this cham? You will probably need to provide it with water by hand also. Lots of work :( Poor cham


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The eyes bud out from the brain during development, and usually when something like this goes wrong with the eyes there are brain anomalies as well. I would not be surprised if he displayed abnormal behavior because of it. So it's not just an issue of him being blind, but the rest of his brain and nervous system possibly being affected as well. I'm not saying you have to put him down but be prepared that he may not live more than a few days naturally, poor guy.
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