Baby Ambilobe is here!!!!


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so we got are baby Ambilobe today he is tiny and looks great! he is drinking already:) He is suppose to be a boy (I am hoping he is) tell me what you guys think Is this a boy???


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Wow he is very pretty! Look at his eye turrets, my 1.5year old Nosy/ambilobe doesn't have that much in his eyes! LOL

That's a boy, you can briefly see the bulge, but he's an itty bitty one :)!


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I think it is a male also, but sometimes it is hard to tell! So cute! How old is he, he is so little!


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we were told 2months but I am thinking more like 1month thanks! he is great so far trolling his new cage:)


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cool thanks I wasn't sure with panthers I have seen tons of baby veileds and had some since they were tiny:) but this is are first panther


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I think it looks to be around 2 months. Im not sure if I would go with male though. Do you have a pic that is a more straight on sideview shot of the tail?


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wow im no expert, but either thats a pretty colorful female, which can happen

or a guy with a very small package if any, interesting...goodluck:eek:
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