B. fusca AKA dwarf cave roaches!

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I have a ton of these right now so I'm going to let some adults go. These are big roaches. They are around 3" or more. The males and females both have wings, but it is easy to sex them. They cannot climb smooth surfaces and they cannot fly. They are actually very interesting in my opinion. Unlike many other species of roaches, they don't run for the hills when you open up the enclosure they are in. A few will skitter around, but most of them just keep doing their thing. I cannot guarantee that these are pure B. fusca, so don't buy these if you want a pure roach. These are also Suitable as pets. I find that they don't run off when handled so long as you are gentle. If you get forceful and rough with them, they will stick your fingers with their leg spines. It's not a pleasant feeling.

Basically if you keep them like dubia and they do just fine. They enjoy fruit. As always, 1-3 day shipping is free!

1.2 group - $7
6.9 group - $27
12.18 group - $45

LAG if your temps are above 40 degrees. Heat pack and insulation must be paid for in order to get the LAG if your temps are below 40.

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