axolotls (leusistic GFP and leusistic) for sale or trade

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baby axolotls for sale or trade!!!! All babies are 1-2 inches and feeding on blackworms.

normal leusistics (pure white w black eyes) $10 each

GFP "Green fluorescent protein" leusistic chameleon forum special $25 each
these guys GLOW under black light!!!!!

shipping: will try to ship to you for the least amount possible Prob still around $30 for up to 5

I am looking for: waxy monkey frogs (bicolor and sauvagi), panther chameleons, veiled chameleons, jacksons chameleons, sand boas, argentine tegus, red eye tree frogs, honduran milksnakes! you ship first in trade

if serious please call me 614 390 6231 or email [email protected]
Not open for further replies.
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