Average size of a 10 month Ambanja?


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Hey everyone, I was woundering if my little guy is doing okay? He hasn't been eating as much as he used to and I just want to make sure he isn't falling behind. He is a 10 month old ambanja male. He is 7 inchs from head to vent and about 15 inchs in total lenght. I'm not sure of his weight but he looks to be healthy to me. Is he on the right track? And, what is the average size for a 10 month old male panther?

Average size is hard to calculate because it depends on how much he is eating, if he hits a growth spurt, etc. By comparing him to my 8 month panther, yours is significantly bigger and I would say you're on the right track.

Weight is actually a better way to track growth. I've just begun weighing my chams. I bought a nice scale for a little over $20 and plan to weigh once a week.
nice pic! yeah i agree get a scale its so much easier i just got one with a bowl on top i put a stick across it calibrate it and then put them on and weigh
Thankyou for the replys, good to hear that he isn't in any trouble, I was getting worried because he has only been eating 2-3 large crickets everyday unlike a couple of months ago he was taking out half a dozen a day. I will definitley look into a scale so that it's more accurate to asses his progress.
My Ambanja chameleon is only 5 months old but I'll measure him tomorrow.

Thanks for posting your chameleon measurement it will be a benchmark for mine.

"DISCLAIMER: I haven't kept Chameleons before. This Ambanja Panther Chameleon is my first and he is 5 months old. I have had him about a month."
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