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I took your advise and built the auto mister its working great, we are at least keeping the humidilty levels up and Lexi seems to be enjoying life more. Andrew aka Dopey even came up with a feeding dish for her since according to the vet they crickets were attacking her, she is loving it no work involved. I was wondering though I know they can have some friuts and veg what is the best way to have them in the cage and what is the usual favorite of chameleons? I am thinking her hunger stike of a week ago was because she was shedding - and since we just got her we had no idea what was going on. Again thanks for all the information that you shared with me. I will continue to visit this site to keep up with the lastest and greatest on chameleon care.
There are many ways of introducing extra greens to a veiled chameleon. The easiest method I have used is a mini chip-clip. If you are not sure what that is, it is a clipping device used to seal bags of chips that have already been opened. Fasten the clip to the side of the cage near a spot your cham visits frequently. Try some sliced strawberries :D.

I would also suggest using silkworms. They are a great food source for chams.
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