At what point do I put the male and female together?


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Hi all.
I have a 2 year old female veiled and a 3 year old male. She started laying eggs just over a year ago and has laid about 4 clutches. I have never bred her and if I wanted to at what point am I supposed to put him in her cage? When she starts digging? Weeks prior?

Thanks for your help.


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not when she's digging as the eggs are already made and ready to be laid. kind of hard to fertilize them that way lol.

You have to introduce her to the male and watch for the reaction. if she rejects him, remove her immediately. If she does not hiss and and turn dark and start rocking back and forth when she sees the male, she will allow the male to mount her.

If you are going to breed her, make sure she is in tip top shape along with the male. Also, females have shorter lives than males, so at 2+years, you have to be careful if breeding. I read somewhere around here that one of the senior members does not breed the females once they reach 2.5 years old.


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Show your female to your male, if she acts normal, stays light coloring and doesn't turn black with spots, hiss and gape then you can put her in his cage, she should begin to walk away and he will follow her and do his thing. make sure neither acts super aggressive to the other when you show them. The male will color up real nice but the female will let you know if she doesn't want to be near him she'll rock and hiss and that means try again in a week or so. My female turns super light with blue spots when she is ready to breed. I wouldn't breed if she just layed eggs recently, give her time to recoup though someone else will have to step in with some expertise here as to how long to wait :)
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