Are these temperatures ok?


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I setup a tank for the pygmys I will be getting shortly. They will be R. Brevs (bearded). The tank is a taller tank, roughly 24 inches high and has a UVB light along the top back side.

Near the top by the UVB light the temperature is 76 degrees, and down near the substrate the temperature is 67 degrees. These temps will drop slightly at night.

Will this be too cold for the pygmys?

If I add a small heat light to bring the day time temps up, will these temps be alright for the night?
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I think 70-78 is good in the day time no higher and if it does go higher you can mist them more for longer durations but keep it in the range I said. For night time I keep mine 64-70 she does great. This is what works for me others may have other input :) goodluck!
I was hoping it would be around 72 but since its in my basement its a little colder. The problem I am having is added even a small heat light would boost the temperatures in parts of the tank over 80. Since parts are already at 65.

I am just a little worried these temps might be too cold. That being said they are the winter temperatures and it is quite cold high of -5c.
Try getting a 60 watt or 40 watt bulb For example my 60 watt makes my temps go up 10 degress at the highest point so i Just move the light further away or use a lower wattage im sure you can find a 40 or 60 watt on ebay or the net :)
Mine do fine in those temps. The majority of them even stay on the lower half of the enclosure or on the end that I don't have a small heat light for them on.
Maybe 65 if I've misted it recently. I like to keep a 15 watt bulb on one end so they can bask if they want to, plus it helps with air circulation.
The design of my tank and the lid will not allow me to have both a UVB fixture and a fixture for heat.

I am currently looking at purchasing some clamp fixtures with a small watt bulb to hang off the side. I am hoping this will help even though it will be on the glass as opposed to on the mesh top. Should provide some heat to that side of the tank.
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