Are these Burns bruises or fungus infection?!!


I have a 17 month old male Nosy Faly Panther...he basks about 8” away & I used to have a 75 watt bulb but when I saw these black spots 2 weeks ago, I went down to a 60 watt bulb. Now a week later since the change, I haven’t noticed any difference so I’m now wondering if it’s a fungal infection?! I just applied Aloe on a q-tip. Do you think that will help? Should I do a peroxide/water mixture & apply that with a q-tip daily or is there something else I can buy? Or is a trip to his vet needed? I love my guy dearly so want to nip this in the butt ASAP! He has a custom built enclosure (21”wX30”LX46”H) with a Mist King, drainage system, T5 HO UVB, jungle dawn plant light, 60 watt incandescent and eats mainly silkworms, Black Soldier fly larvae & treats are hornworms & superworms (gutloaded with sweet pots/carrots/apples) And I dust with calcium without D3 every feeding & a multivitamin 2x a month. Basking temps are around 83-86 & 70-75 lower down. Humidity is 55% during the day & 80% at night, which I do use a fogger on & off all through the night. All his plants are real except for some fake flowers for color. Which I do wash occasionally. I am due for that actually. His enclosure is bioactive with springtails & isopods. And I do actually also have small millipedes as well...Hitchhikers. He is still eating very well, drinking very well (obviously 😜) & is basking when he normal does & patrols his enclosure like a champ. Nothing is out of the ordinary except those darn black spots. I am wondering if I should clean the MistKing tubing? It’s the only thing I never really thought of cleaning before? I did just dump out his whole reservoir of water & put fresh clean water in. I do give him filtered water from Zero Water & I add drops of water conditioning. I do also clean his fogger regularly but it broke recently & I bought a new one a couple weeks ago. Think he went a couple weeks without a fogger before I got the new one so don’t think the fogger could be the problem, if it is possible a fungal infection. I’m just thinking out load now. Thank you so much for your help!!


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He is around the age where his “final” or last color development will occur so it could possibly just be his natural color that’s coming in or it could be burns or bruises. If other than the black color he is perfectly fine I wouldn’t worry. The aloe is not necessary but applying it temporarily is ok. If it is a burn or bruise it should heal by itself over time.
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