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Are there any places or companies that sell bugs, (crickets and worms etc.) in bulk in texas?

I know there are some in Cali and Florida but just wondering if anyone knew of any here in Texas.

Pet Snake Snacks. They go to the Texas Reptile Expo in Arlington Texas.
They are out of Dallas. 214-769-3037 [email protected]

They sell crickets by the 1000's for 17.00 and worms and mice and reptiles by request.

Hope this helps:)
Check out here as well They are really great to purchase from, they have great customer service. I don't order from them anymore because 500 crickets is the least they do & that turned out to be way to much. We had to do a cricket release ;). I here that are the only one, or maybe select few, that their crickets don't have the cricket disease. There crickets were 18.50 by the 1000 & they also sell worms & supplies. It worth check out. You need to ask for the price list & they will email it to you.
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