Are Superworm Beetles really this vicious?


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Hello All!

I am breeding superworms and have a large flat container (walls about 5 " high) that I've put all the Beetles once they've come out of their pupa stage. I have plenty of food in the container, as well as substrate. However, I'm finding beetles the next day with missing legs, or some half eaten-alive! It's a large container, about 12" X 14", and I only have 10 or so beetles in there right now.

Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or these beetles are just that nasty. I'm feeding carrots, apples, and banana skins. I also have egg crates for them to climb on etc. The larvae themselves are pretty vicious so perhaps this is just par for the course but let me know.

Thank you!


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Yeah, they're pretty aggressive. Are you waiting to put your newly pupated beetles in until they've hardened up (turned from red to black)? Making sure they always have a water source (non-dried-out carrot or other fruit/veg)? If yes to both of those, try throwing in a piece of dog or cat food; they may just want more protein. Or maybe they're just murderous bugs 🤷 Good luck!


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Thank you BOTH! I ended up grinding up dry dog kibble and sprinkling that throughout the enclosure. Each day it's gone. So that may have somehow quenched their thirst for blood! Also took your advice and let any new beetle harden up until it's at least it has a fighting chance. It's like Battle Royale in there!
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