Are rep cal herpitivite and zoo meds reptivite without D3 the same??

Guys I really need to know this... I don't wanna overdose my chameleon! :( I need to know if there if these are the same because I though this zoo meds reptivite without D3 is the daily calcium powder Thingy.. Please help!

Here is the link to the Zoo Med's Reptivite Without D3 if you need to look at it:

Here is another link for Rep-Cal Herpitvite if you need to compare it with the other link above:
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Reptivite has prEformed vitamin A in it. D3 from supplements and prEformed vitamin A can build up in the chameleon's system and lead to health anything with either of those in it should be used with caution and used sparingly.

In this thread, post #7, I explained the use of supplements and the reasoning behind it....

Chromachameleons (Harry) uses's what he does for can ask him what he does for the males...assuming that its a male panther that you have???...

You had a vitamin powder and you had a powder with D3...what you needed to buy was a pure phos.-free calcium powder....which IMHO you will still need if you replace the herptivite with the reptivite (without D3).
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